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If you’re slowly finding yourself becoming less active and starting to pack on a few extra pounds, there’s no better relief than getting out and having fun while you exercise. And as you may have guesses… taking kickboxing classes is a great way get in that cardio your body so desperately desires while learning a martial art, making new friends, and burning off calories. These are just a few reasons why learning kickboxing is so fun. Continue reading to discover the benefits to taking kickboxing lessons at Sandoval Freestyle Karate.

Should I Take Kickboxing Classes?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are a perfect candidate for our Freestyle Kickboxing class with Muay Thai influence. This combat sport from Thailand combines clinching techniques with stand-up striking for the ultimate in self-defense programs. Not only will you have the ability to defend yourself on your feet or on the floor, your body conditioning will be at its best ever level.

How Will I Benefit from Taking Kickboxing Lessons?

The training regimens in our Freestyle Kickboxing class are far from being easy, but once you get used to them, you will see amazing results. It utilizes many of the staples of combat sport conditioning, such as sparring, shadow boxing, running, skipping, abdominal exercises, weight training, and body weight resistance exercises. With consistent kickboxing training, you will have no choice but to get fitter, stronger, and healthier.

5 Main Benefits of Kickboxing

In essence, kickboxing is a striking art with attacks using the knees, elbows, fists, and feet. It provides you with the ability to strike an opponent from close-, mid-, and long-range. You also learn grappling techniques, which are typically used to set up the aforementioned knee and elbow strikes. The sheer number of athletic qualities needed to become proficient in Muay Thai means there are an extraordinary number of benefits, and we’ve detailed them below.

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Improved Conditioning

Those experienced in kickboxing know that few physical activities provide them with the cardiovascular conditioning offered by Muay Thai. Your cardiopulmonary systems will be taken to new levels, because this martial art is both aerobic and anaerobic. Continued practice will see your body adapt and over time your conditioning will be phenomenal.

Students Sparring
Core Strength

Your core is comprised of all the muscles of your mid-section and is more than your six-pack! The rotational movements used in kickboxing help strengthen your core; students will find this out when then strike, defend, and clinch!

Student Demonstrating Endurance
Leg Strength

Your lower body’s musculature is strengthened by the process of learning how to kick along with the sport’s footwork drills. Expect improved agility and muscular endurance in your legs and experienced students also learn how to perfect the roundhouse kick!

Students Hip Mobility
Better Hip Mobility

Healthy hips can prevent you from experiencing a variety of medical conditions later on in life. Martial arts incorporates foam rolling and stretching; this, along with the occasional massage (recommended) and execution of moves, means your hips will be in fantastic shape.

Student Relieving Stress
Relieve Stress

Modern life is stressful for most people, but our Freestyle Kickboxing class can provide an outlet for you to release it. This works wonders for your physical and mental health, since you can focus on your training during stressful spells in your life. Hitting a punching bag is also excellent for releasing pent-up stress. You feel better and no one gets hurt!

Kickboxing is For All Ages & Skill Levels

Regardless of your fitness level, our kickboxing training is designed for everyone from beginners to advanced students. If you want to feel better about yourself, improve your existing level of fitness, and challenge yourself, there are few better choices than Sandoval Freestyle Karate’s Freestyle Kickboxing class.

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