Martial Arts & Karate Lessons for Children (7–12 Years)

Children's Beginners
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Children's Beginner Students are Taught:

Training Class Details

Our Children’s beginner classes are very different from our Little Dragons class because the kids are older. They are able to learn more and have a better understanding of everything that is going on. They usually know more of the benefits of martial arts and karate and may be excited to learn techniques and earn new belts and stripes. Our martial arts instructors know they are capable of more and they have higher expectations of them. This class is longer than our martial arts class for younger children because at this age, they are able to focus longer and can learn more.  

In this age group (7 – 12), kids understand that they’re learning martial arts and karate, they are able to focus on improving their form and martial arts skills. We teach them more self-defense moves and they’ll spend more time sparring and training with other kids. At this age, they form stronger friendships while they are working out and training with their peers. 

Class Info

Duration :

45 minutes

Ages :

7- 12

Days / Time :

Class Price :

$16 - $21

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