General Questions

Wear something comfortable. Most students wear shorts and a tshirt. Dont wear a skirt. You will take your shoes/socks off for class. 

No. We are a professional studio so our classes are broken down by age and level. We have kids go to the class that is best for their learning ability. Most of our beginner classes are scheduled back to back classes for convenience.
Classes range from $16-$21 per class depending on the program you choose.

The average time frame would be 4-6 years. However, little dragons will average 6-8 years. 

Yes. We have summer camps, sleepovers, parents night out, buddy board breaking, game night, and MORE.

Little Dragons Class

No. Our little dragons class starts at age 4.

Your little dragon will learn basic blocks, kicks, punches, and self defense. They will also learn how to be respectful and how to be a better listener. We create a habit of saying yes sir/yes ma’am and no sir/no ma’am. We teach our little dragons to listen with their eyes and ears, which drastically improves their listening skills. 

No. All students must be potty-trained in order to participate. 

Children's Class

Children’s classes are 45 minutes long. 

Yes. This class is designed for beginners only.

Your child will learn how to react appropriately when someone grabs them. They will learn different blocks and beginner martial arts movements including kicks and punches. They will begin to improve their flexibility and strength. They will also work on their personal development including learning how to be more respectful. We encourage them to do well in school and at home.

Teens/Adults Class

Yes as long as your child is 13 years old or older. We have lots of parents that love learning martial arts with their kids. Its a great way to spend quality time with your family members. 

You will warm up, stretch, and learn lots of self-defense and martial arts moves. Everyone should know how to protect themselves so you will learn how to react when being grabbed/pushed/etc. You will learn how to kick, punch, block, etc. 

Little Dragons Student
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