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Is this Karate Class okay For My Child?

Young children are like sponges. They can learn a lot about martial arts, even at a young age. At Sandoval Freestyle Karate, we believe that kids can begin learning karate and training in martial arts at age 4. At this age, they are able to learn quickly, understand basic martial arts techniques, and socialize with students in their karate class. A good reason to start your kid’s karate training at a young age is to help keep them busy and build good habits, including self-control, respect, and how to listen. Our younger martial artists get a head start on several things, including physical skills associated with balance, coordination, stamina, and strength. Find out if your kid loves martial arts by claiming their first month of free classes online today. 

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30 minutes

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$16 - $21

Kids Learning Martial Arts

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Martial arts classes for kids in tempe & Gilbert

If you’re looking to discover the best martial arts classes for kids, Sandoval Freestyle Karate has several options at two locations in the east valley. Our martial arts instructors excel in working with children. They know the importance of creating a strong foundation for children and have been training kids karate for years. During our karate classes for kids, our instructors aim to teach kids how to listen, focus, gain confidence, and respect everyone. Instructors will also work with kids on the fundamentals of karate and martial arts, helping them improve balance, strength, and stamina. If you live in the GilbertTempe or Chandler area, Sandoval Freestyle Karate offers martial arts training for kids near you. Don’t delay, schedule your child’s first month of classes online today, it’s free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to start learning martial arts? 

At Sandoval Freestyle Karate, our Little Dragons martial arts class is designed for children that are at least four years old. This class is ideal for young children between the ages of 4 and 6. 

If my child is six and hasn’t learned martial arts or Karate, can they still participate in the Little Dragons class? 

Our little Dragons class is designed for beginners aged four, five and six; if your child fits the age group, they will find the class beneficial and learn a great deal. If you have a six-year old child with no martial arts training, our Little Dragons class is perfect for them. Each child is trained according to their skill level and their individual needs. If your child is six and interested in learning karate, our instructors will give them the guidance they need to improve regardless of what age they start at. 

Can I schedule my child for their class online? 

Yes, scheduling your child for their first month of karate classes online is easy. Just click on the red button above that says ‘Get 1 Month Free.’ From the pop-up you can choose your location and pick the class you want to visit. After completing all of the details, your child will be scheduled for their first karate class. 

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