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At Sandoval Karate in Gilbert, Arizona, we offer mixed martial arts training for children from as young as four right up to adulthood. We offer training across multiple martial art forms to deliver a holistic development experience and focus on shaping well-rounded individuals who appreciate values such as respect, discipline, and determination.

Our Gilbert training location boasts Official Gracie Academy status, allowing children from the age of 12 upwards to receive top-tier instruction for the grappling and submission-based Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial art form.

These specifically tailored classes ensure more than just the teaching of kicks, punches, and stances. They instill confidence and foster much greater personal growth than can be achieved when participating in more traditional sports or forms of physical activity.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes Offered in Gilbert

In Gilbert, we offer a diverse range of mixed martial arts classes that don’t merely focus on Karate. We also teach students key elements of Kenpo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Tang Soo Do to ensure diverse exposure to martial arts.

Our classes are divided into specific age groups to better facilitate training appropriate to respective ability levels. Those age groupings are 4 to 6 (our Little Dragons class), 7 to 12 children beginners, and 13+ teens and adults.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Little Dragons (Ages 4-6)

Created for our youngest martial artists, the Little Dragons program introduces the foundations of Karate and other martial art forms. While there is the teaching of age-appropriate techniques, we also focus on developing children’s listening skills, motor skills, and coordination. These classes are about creating good habits, establishing a love for the martial arts, and having fun.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Children Beginners (Ages 7-12)

Since the children in this age group are more capable and attentive, the training complexity in these classes increases. Over an hour of training, kids are taught the more challenging techniques and elements of Karate and other martial arts. These beginner classes help perfect skills and techniques and enhance physical strength. Sparring with peers is also introduced.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Teenagers (Ages 13+)

Our martial arts training for teenagers is much more intensive than the classes in the lower age ranges. There’s a much greater emphasis on physical fitness and self-awareness, with regular sparring helping to cement comprehension of some of the most complex techniques of the martial arts we teach.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes (Ages 12+)

Kids looking to further their skills can also pursue Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes exclusive to our Gilbert location. Taught by our very own Gracie Arizona black belt, Allen Sandoval, students will learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu techniques, focusing on elements such as ground combat, submissions, and practical self-defense. It’s a unique opportunity for children to train under the esteemed Gracie banner and broaden their skill sets.

Benefits of Taking Sandoval Karate’s Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Learning martial arts is far more comprehensive than learning combat techniques. By exposing children to different cultural influences and disciplines, they can benefit from a more informed upbringing.

Martial arts teaches not just self-defense but humility, graciousness, and respect – values we instill in our students from an early age. Better still, these classes teach valuable skills beyond the mat, including interpersonal skills, active listening, and self-discipline.

Of course, besides practical techniques that can be used in real-life situations, martial arts training is incredibly beneficial for physical fitness. Sparring sessions often work every muscle of the body, and our class members enjoy considerable increases in strength and flexibility.

What Makes Sandoval Karate Different for Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Gilbert?

First and foremost, each of our ten instructors holds black belt status, giving you peace of mind regarding the quality of our martial arts instruction. Every kick, punch, and grapple is taught in an age-appropriate and engaging manner to increase comprehension and enjoyment.

Furthermore, owner Allen Sandoval is currently training under head instructor Nathan Zigler, a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Grand Master Relson Gracie – ensuring the highest standards of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

Aside from the quality of our teaching, we differentiate ourselves through our commitment to the holistic development of our class members. Our ethos is centered on personal growth via the medium of martial arts. Kids under our tutelage learn the value of respect, modesty, and determination – preparing them for success in the world that awaits them as an adult.

Enjoy Learning Mixed Martial Arts at Gilbert’s Premier Location

If you wish to enroll yourself or your child in our mixed martial arts classes, simply sign up using our online form and become part of Gilbert’s premier martial arts family.

We believe so strongly in our training programs for youngsters that we offer the first month of classes on the house. In addition to one month of free classes, we also have fantastic family discounts, so siblings (and even parents) can come along and enjoy the benefits of martial arts.

If you have any more questions before getting started, call us at (480) 664-8827. We look forward to guiding your child’s martial arts journey and playing a pivotal role in their personal development.

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