5 Ways Karate Helps with Self-Improvement

Most people come to the Sandoval Freestyle Karate schools in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, to learn more about self-defense. While they will certainly improve their physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and fitness levels, students are consistently surprised by karate’s ability to strengthen the mind. This is somewhat strange, since the mental benefits of karate have been known and widely espoused for decades, but we go through them again in this article.

Five Self-Improvement Aspect of Martial Arts

1. Improved Awareness

How often do you see someone who is blissfully unaware of his surroundings? This seems to be a real issue with society, as too many individuals are completely ignorant of possible danger and actually walk right into it. Karate training helps you to become more observant and aware of your surroundings. While you will have the self-defense skills to handle an attacker, you will also have the awareness to avoid trouble entirely, which is the best form of defense!

2. Self-Discipline

Believe it or not, the more skilled you become, the less likely you’ll want to fight. Black belts in karate know they have the capacity to hurt someone and will do what it takes to avoid confrontation. In karate class, you will learn to walk away from violence, and students who are overly aggressive or start fights are not welcome. The self-discipline learned in karate class also helps you in other aspects of your life.

3. Stress Relief

Whether you attend high school or college, or work full-time, there will be days that test you to the limit. Karate training is a healthy way to channel your aggression and relieve any stress you may be feeling. If you feel frustrated, you’ll find that hitting the training bag is a great relief, and karate training releases feel-good endorphins that help you relax and improve your mood.

4. Better Concentration

Karate katas are performed in groups, and this practice of forms is a great way to block out all distractions. For instance, if someone in the group makes an error, you must block it out and not follow suit. An interesting exercise sometimes used in a karate school is to try and complete the kata while other people deliberately make noise in an attempt to distract you.

Additionally, it takes immense concentration to learn and master the various moves and combinations you will be taught in karate class. Failure to concentrate on what your sensei is doing leaves you no chance of successfully completing the movements. Over time, experienced karate practitioners discover how to concentrate, and this carries over into their daily lives.

5. Self-Control

When sparring with a karate partner, you must exercise self-control or else you may end up injuring him or getting injured yourself! Your sensei will teach you how to control both your aggression and your strikes. Instead of actually hitting your training partner, you will learn how to stop just short of the target area.

Outside of Karate

Those who practice karate for any length of time are amazed at how the skills learned in the dojo carry over into their everyday lives. While you may expect physical improvements from karate training, the mental benefits you receive will surprise and delight you.

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