Martial Arts is a Leading Form of Therapy

Martial Arts Self Therapy

Optimal health refers to a balance between the various components of the human system, it ranges from the human movement system (involving all physical aspects), emotional wellness, and mental stability. There are a number of underlying factors that can lead to malfunctions in these systems, as human nature portrays there is no sole definition of perfection, merely each person’s ability to reach his or her own potential.

Martial Arts Therapy

When there is a dysfunction that occurs in any one of these three optimal health platforms it is essential that the issues be addressed and reversed. Whether it is a child, adult, or elder, martial arts therapy is an alternative style of therapy that can help any age group sort through his or her physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional issues.

For example, T’ai Chi has been proven to be an effective therapeutic method for elders, or for those with impairments who wish to achieve stabilization and balance. In addition, those that may display an elevated amount of aggression, low self-esteem, and a myriad of other issues have benefited greatly from martial therapy.

Many forms of therapy, such as psychotherapy, do not create the same multi-faceted treatment approach that focuses on all areas of human improvement. For example, a child with low self-esteem that begins martial arts classes will not only increase levels of confidence, he or she will also develop in a number of other key areas. This child will develop the skill of self-defense, stress reactions in mental and physical scenarios, and improve overall physical fitness. All of these aspects contribute to a child’s self-confidence level.

Furthermore, when choosing martial therapy as an alternative to prescribed medicine or other forms of therapy, one must keep in mind that there are a number of different styles of martial arts that may be more beneficial to the individual’s needs. For example, Kyokushin karate focuses more on full contact sparring techniques, while Shotokan karate places more of an emphasis on applying the skills of self-control and self-discipline in a fighting situation. Therefore, it may be more beneficial for one to drift towards the more traditional style of martial arts that highlights the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual progression.

For Many of Life’s Problems

Ultimately, martial therapy can be a productive means of dealing with a variety of issues that may or may not be medical. This approach involves the warrior within the individual to come out and face the inner beast that may be holding him or her back, by combining a multi-faceted approach to solving issues. Martial therapy can help each individual develop optimal well-being.

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