Common Injuries that Occur in Martial Arts

Martial Artist with Elbow Injury

Martial arts has been known greatly for being physically challenging, many people begin martial arts as a way to achieve personal fitness. Since martial arts is one of the few forms of exercise that requires the use of every muscle in the body, it is critical that the participant gains relative information regarding some of the injuries that are common, as well as the means to prevent potential injury.

This is yet another reason for the individual to research exactly what style of martial arts he or she wishes to delve into. Factors such as the amount of contact, skills taught, and various other facts may need to be taken into account. Nonetheless, there are still a variety of injuries that occur when performing martial arts and a variety of methods to avoid them.

Muscle Aches & Pains

One of the most common injuries is overuse, since a lot of martial arts classes do not necessarily involve contact, participants may experience an injury that occurs from putting the same pressure on a muscle, ligament, or tendon. For example, if one enters karate and is not used to performing kicks, it is highly necessary not to out compete oneself by doing too much too soon.

Although instructors teach the students stabilization and strength techniques, the human body needs an amount of time to adapt and gain muscle strength. Next, joint dislocations and fractures can occur in certain styles of martial arts that involve joint locking techniques and throws. When engaging in such styles supervision and technique are imperative.

Physical Contact Injuries

In addition, any form of martial arts that includes grappling and striking has the ability to result in bruises, cuts, or lacerations, and in some cases injuries to the face, mouth, teeth, or skull. This is why proper gear and instruction are vital when participating in these styles of the art.

Minor neck damage, abrasions, and bruising can also occur and are amongst the most common injuries. Judo and jujitsu are two popular martial arts styles that allow choking techniques, which have the potential to lead to unconsciousness.

Regardless of the style of martial arts one chooses, there are injury risks in all of them, the same way there are injury risks when simply getting in the car to drive to work. In this case scenario there are a number of preventable measures, such as researching different types of martial arts, finding the right school, and paying close attention to instruction.

Using Sparring Gear

Furthermore taking time to recover properly from an injury, wear protective gear when sparring, warm-up and cool-down, and having a physical exam before beginning participation are important injury prevention applications.

With the proper measures and knowledge one can enjoy the physically challenges that come with martial arts and do it without being seriously injured.

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