5 Things to Look For From a Kickboxing Program

Kickboxing School in Gilbert

Kickboxing is a full-contact sport, but the cardiovascular benefits are also being used in an array of non-contact classes that focus solely on ensuring you get fitter. When it comes to choosing the right kickboxing gym for you, there are several factors to consider, and we outline them below.

Five Features Your Kickboxing Class Should Offer

1. Location

First and foremost, you need to find a gym in an area that’s easy to reach, as opposed to being in the middle of nowhere! Sandoval Freestyle Karate has schools in Tempe/Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona, and they are easy to find. Once you go inside either facility, it’s clear you have stepped into a high-quality kickboxing dojo. Be sure that your choice is clean, organized, and stocked with equipment.

2. Equipment

Kickboxing requires specialty equipment, and you will find it in abundance at Sandoval’s gyms. As well as being pristine clean with excellent lighting and changing facilities, our martial arts locations come fully equipped with all kickboxing pads, kicking bags, and punching bags. There is padded flooring, extra equipment of different sizes, brand new punching bags, and much more.

3. Safety

As kickboxing can be an extremely tough sport, the appropriate safety measures must be taken. All Sandoval instructors are experienced trainers and keep a close eye on proceedings. We also make sure students train and spar in a controlled environment and have numerous rules to ensure no one is needlessly placed in harm’s way. No student is allowed to participate in kickboxing at our gyms unless they wear the proper equipment, which includes headgear, a mouthguard, groin protection, chest protection, padded gloves, and shin protection.

4. Class Schedule

If you decide to take on a kickboxing class, it is wise to check the schedule of the gym to understand the depth and breadth of the courses on offer. For example, it would be unwise to choose a morning class if you have to work in the afternoon, because kickboxing can be exhausting! Fortunately, the Sandoval dojos have classes to suit different schedules and skill levels.

5. Instructors

You should always check the credentials of a gym’s instructors and make sure they possess the right qualifications and certifications. There are far too many kickboxing instructors on the scene who talk the talk but are wholly under qualified. The instructors at Sandoval are the opposite; our team is fully qualified both in terms of certification and experience.

We don’t tell people how good we are; we prefer to show it through the quality of our instruction. The ability of your instructor(s) will go a long way toward determining whether or not you achieve mastery in any form of martial art. Additionally, low-quality instructors can actually cause injury and lesson one’s learning ability, as students are taught poor techniques.

Keep in Mind

If you decide you want to improve your fitness and self-defense skills through kickboxing, do some research in order to find the best gym for your needs. It should be relatively close by and easy to reach, have premium quality equipment, highly skilled and experienced instructors, and follow the right safety protocols.

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