3 Karate Knee Techniques That Will Instantly End a Fight

Man Performing Kneeing Technique

A karate knee strike is a strike using the knee or surrounding area. The knee strike techniques are mainly used in a close range attack to the groin, thigh, and chest area. Many directions can be used in a knee strike; the striker can position his or her knee up, down, sideways, forward, inside, or outside to achieve the desired knee strike. If your opponent is bigger than you, you can actually use his weight and girth against him by choosing your knee movements wisely and attack¬ing his weakest pressure points. Even a small person can get some great moves over on someone larger with a few great knee smashes.

Kneeing Techniques Used in Martial Arts

Sparring with Knee Strikes
In this demonstration, the fighter on the left is
pulling her opponent towards her body as she
delivers a knee strike to the mid-section.
1. The Knee Smash

The knee smash is the most effective karate knee technique and can tem¬porarily disable an opponent. To do this move, bend the knee and bring up your leg. Point the knee toward your target and smash upward. Grabbing your opponent and pulling him into your knee kick makes the knee strike even more powerful. This move is excellent for a self-defense situation and should only be used when an emergency demands it. When delivered properly, the knee smash is so painful that your opponent may double up in extreme pain and may even collapse.

2. The Knee Side Smash

The knee side smash is another effective technique. For this knee maneuver, bend the knee and bring the leg up. Point the knee toward your target then hook the knee side to side.

3. The Knee Down Smash

Now here is a knee strike that just might destroy your opponent. Bend the knee and bring the leg up behind you. To strike, drop the knee straight down on your opponent.

Points to Remember

Your kicking leg should be behind the leg that you are going to stand on to kick properly. If your legs are parallel and you perform a knee smash your knee will rise upward but not forward, causing your kick not to be as effective. Also, point your toes downward when you do any knee smash.

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