Why Karate is a Family Activity

Family Martial Artists

It is common to hear stories about parents struggling to spend enough quality time with their children and it is also a sad fact that obesity and general poor health is rampant among children and adults alike in society today. The good news is that you can eliminate having to deal with many issues, such as these, by enrolling the entire family in a fun and energetic karate program. First and foremost, karate is an excellent form of exercise that is mentally and physically stimulating, plus martial arts is a practical form of exercise. With karate as an option, it’s hard to make excuses, such as ‘I don’t have enough time,’ when the fact is that the time you put into it is far less in comparison to the benefits your entire family gets out of it.

Family Time

Most of us live exceedingly busy lives and have great demands placed on our free time. For example, how often have you driven your children to basketball, football, or soccer practice and complained that this time expenditure meant you couldn’t get your own workout in? The reality is, you end up in the stands watching, rather than participating, and you may well be guilty of eating snacks while you wait!

While you are not typically allowed to participate on the football field with your child, you are more than welcome in a karate class. It does appear as if some families are taking advantage of exercising together, as karate instructors admit that the demographics have changed somewhat. At one time, karate was almost exclusively practiced by young males, but now it is common for classes to be filled with adults of all ages, as many parents want to join in the fun.

Everyone Wins

Brothers Practicing Karate
Brothers practicing blocking defenses.

Karate allows children, and adults alike, to gain some valuable self-defense skills, improve overall health, increase self-esteem levels, and students are also motivated by the reward of different belts for progress. You can go at your own pace and are under no pressure to step outside your comfort zone, until you are ready that is. Also, schools feature beginner lessons, so you won’t be the only novice in the room.

It is also true that karate can give you a level of focus and determination that can carry on into your working life. The increased core stability you gain can do wonders for your back problems and above all, you will feel energetic and confident; not a bad return for investing a couple of hours a week!

The list of benefits for the whole family goes on, including enhancement of memory, mental discipline development, and of course, the ability to defend oneself. Above all else, you will get the opportunity to spend time with your kids doing something that is beneficial and loved by the entire family. It also gives you the source of a few good stories as mom and dad are learning something new at the same pace as their kids

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