How to be Successful in Martial Arts

Woman Practicing Throwing Punches

For one to be successful in martial arts, we must remember 3 things, (i) the basics, (ii) body conditioning, and (iii) discipline. These three areas of focus are individually and equally important, plus they go hand in hand. If we lack the basics, we lack a foundation to build upon and everything moving forward will be constraining. Learning the fundamentals thoroughly gives us a firm base to work from, while assisting with body conditioning as well as disciplining the mind. And if we lack conditioning, then we lack the stamina and strength to move forward with more difficult challenges.

Never Forget the Value of Tradition

We must remember to meditate and apply the lessons taught from martial arts traditions so we can make continuing and progressive steps. We must learn from our instructors, but also seek the right way of developing our technique, body, and mind, just as the original karate masters did centuries ago.

Knowing martial arts and knowing how to teach them are related but not quite the same thing. The latter requires knowledge of how the body mechanics work and how to express it clearly and correctly.

Choose a Martial Art You Enjoy

Despite much debate, there is no one “best” martial arts style, each one has something unique to offer. Remember that the journey to mastery is a lifelong one, so beginning a martial art on a whim is not the answer. We need to make sure that we will carry it through because going down that road and facing its challenges will teach us to become a better person all around.

Stay Disciplined & Focused

In martial arts, if we lack discipline, we will lose focus, causing failure in regards to not finishing drills, advancing belt levels, or winning sparring matches. Keep this in mind as you train.

It is important to train your body and your mind by pushing past the point of wanting to give up, by doing so, it strengthens both. Life itself is the battlefield in which we must fight for what we want. In martial arts, as in life, it’s about getting up after falling down and fighting to achieve a goal. Pick yourself back up, shake the dust off your feet, and learn from your experience. That in itself is a victory and an important lesson in martial arts.

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