Woman Stretching Out Muscles

The best martial artists all have something in common – they are insanely flexible and if you want to get the very best out of your training, this is something you will need to work on. Being rigid or inflexible and attempting a dramatic move, such as a high kick or roundhouse, can likely result in injury and more than likely, embarrassment if others are watching! Here are some basic reasons for why you need to be flexible in martial arts:

Flexibility & Strength

You may have heard some nonsense about how having big muscles can reduce your flexibility, otherwise known as being ‘muscle-bound’. This is of course contrary to the host of studies over the years that show how strength and flexibility enhance one another. During strengthening exercises, it is necessary to work the entire muscle range, as our nerve system remembers the movement performed most frequently. Neglect a range of muscles and endure a loss in flexion. Most strength training experts suggest stretching the muscles after a training session and recommend a range of drills.

Types of Stretching

Most martial artists practice 6 main forms of stretching, which we’ve briefly outlined below.

Keep in Mind

If you are new to stretching, begin with a couple of 5-10 minute sessions twice a day until you become more flexible. This is a relatively small task for the abundance of benefits the body receives.

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