4 Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Kids Birthday Party

Birthdays are always a huge occasion during any child’s life and as a parent, you want to make this special day as memorable as possible. However, it seems as if all the traditional birthday party themes have been done to the point of cliché and when their child’s birthday arrives on the calendar, parents desperately try to conjure up a unique idea. While there are no truly ‘original’ ideas, you can make the day a fantastic one by adopting a theme with a difference. By coordinating ideas for presents, food, drink, and activities, you will make organizing the event that much easier. Below, we look at three of the best themes for birthday parties.

Four Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Next Birthday

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Circus Birthday Flyer

Circus Celebration

Children are always awestruck by the circus so it makes sense to bring a little of its wonder into your party. We recommend circus music, brightly colored balloons and stuffed animals to give things the Big Top feel. It is remarkably easy to find circus related supplies and there are likely to be numerous individuals offering their services as a clown. Alternatively, you can dress up as a clown yourself! This theme usually works well with younger kids and you should also add a carousel cake to complete the party offering. Just make sure no party guests have coulrophobia (fear of clowns)!

Birthday Magician

It’s Magic!

The Harry Potter series has reinvigorated children’s love of magic, so consider a theme that is supernatural and fantastical. If your child loves the aforementioned wizard, you could create an entire Harry Potter theme and decorate your home with the four Hogwarts houses. Alternatively, you could go for the traditional magic route with broomsticks, magic wands, witches outfits, and cauldrons. Ask everyone who attends the party to wear fancy dress and your child will have a fun day.

Boy Dressed as Pirate

Pirates… Arr!

Again, this is a theme that has been given new life by Hollywood, this time in the form of Pirates of the Caribbean. Children love treasure hunts so this is an obvious party game to incorporate into proceedings. You could organize a scavenger hunt and those who fail to find the missing items should be made to walk the plank. If you want to go the extra mile, dig a small hole in your backyard to hide buried treasure and rig it so your child finds it! Include palm trees, parrots, skull and crossbones flags, and eye patches for the best effect.

Kids at Karate Birthday Party

We Saved the Best for Last… Karate!

Add some fighting spirit to your child’s birthday party by adopting a karate theme. You can include a host of safe elements from this popular martial art and even have a board breaking contest for those proficient in karate. There are martial arts schools that offer the services of their instructors to karate birthday parties, so the whole day can be a safe yet fun adventure. Perhaps you can get all attendees to wear karate outfits, also known as a “gi”, and by the end of the day, you may see a few more converts to one of the most celebrated self-defense forms in the world.


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