4 Martial Arts Games for Kids

Kids Practicing Sparring Together

At Sandoval Freestyle Karate, we are serious about improving the skills and knowledge of our students. However, we also know that kids will not stay interested in anything for very long if they believe it is rigid and boring. As a result, our kickboxing classes not only teach you self-defense, increase your strength, and improve your cardiovascular fitness, but they are also designed to be fun!

Therefore, it is necessary to add in a few games that keep children active and interested while ensuring the value of the classes is not diminished, and we look at a few below.

Try Playing One of These Four Martial Arts Games with Your Kid(s)

1. Catch Your Tail

On the surface, this seems like a silly game, but it is actually a great way to improve agility and speed. All you need to do is pick two students; one acts as the tiger’s tail while the other is the tiger’s head. Simply tie a belt around the student who is the tail, and give the “tiger” 30 seconds to try and grab it while the “tail” looks to defend.

2. Sensei Says

This is a martial arts version of Simon Says. One instructor is the designated sensei, and he or she gives orders to the children. However, the command is only to be followed if the words “sensei says” are spoken first. Kids who follow commands without the “sensei says” order are knocked out of the game. The last remaining child is the winner.

3. Three Strikes

This involves an instructor trying to strike the child with a padded blocker. The instructor will strike up and down and from side to side in an attempt to make contact with the student. The child must block these strikes using his or her blocking skills, but they are penalized with a “strike” each time they get hit. If they get three strikes, they are out of the game.

4. Horse & Snake Relay

This is a fun group game. Two equal teams of three or more students are formed, and start and finish lines are marked up to 60 feet apart. Team A lines up with each student standing behind a teammate in a straight line, and Team B does the same; both teams line up at the start line.

The student at the back of the line says “snake,” falls to the ground, and crawls along the floor through the legs of teammates until he or she gets to the front of the line. The student then stands up, assumes a horse stance, and yells “horse,” which is a signal for the new student at the back of the line to repeat the feat achieved by his or her teammate. Each member of each team must complete this sequence until the whole team crosses the finish line. The first team over the line is the winner.

Where They Can Play These Games

The Sandoval Freestyle Karate martial arts centers in Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona, feature a number of fun games as part of our kickboxing classes. We encourage you to attend so you can make new friends, improve your self-esteem, and increase your physical and mental strength. Best of all, you get to have fun in the process!

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