5 Excellent Martial Arts Movies for Kids

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We believe that the best martial arts movies are the type that the whole family can enjoy, so while the list below looks at the best films for kids, we think that adults will enjoy them too! A great martial arts movie is the perfect way to spend time with the family and have an enjoyable afternoon even when it’s raining outside!

Five of Our Favorite Movies in Reverse Order

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5. The Karate Kid – Original Version

The Karate Kid Movie Poster

The quick summary of this legendary kid’s martial arts movie is that a young teenager named Daniel moves to a new neighborhood and can’t find friends. Worst of all, he is bullied at school and has no father figure to guide him. That is until he meets Mr. Miyagi, the handyman in his housing complex who finally agrees to teach him the ways of Karate to defeat the bullies in a big tournament. It is classic Hollywood stuff, and the feel-good factor is through the roof! We also think that the modern update with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith is excellent!


4. Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior Movie Poster

Wendy is the typical spoilt teenage brat that wants to win the Homecoming Queen crown. She is a vain, vapid girl, but is transformed once she meets Shen, a Chinese monk who trains her in Kung Fu. The result is a calmer, more focused Wendy who learns how to train her mind as well as her body and becomes a better person for it.


3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Movie Poster

We were hesitant to place this movie in a kid’s list, but we think it is essential viewing for teenagers. It is a masterfully shot epic set in Ancient China and features numerous awesome fighting sequences. The love story is poignant and touching, and it is great for kids to see the exploits of the strong and confident female characters, something we feel is missing from many martial arts movies.


2. Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer Movie Poster

Even if your kids don’t like soccer, this is a fun movie, as it contains a feast of Kung Fu with amazing special effects and tremendous energy from the actors. It is basically a martial arts comedy about a misfit soccer team that enlists the help of ex-Shaolin monks to help them win the championship! The plot is rather silly we admit, but we’re willing to bet that your kids will be energetic after the final whistle has blown. That would be the perfect time for them to do their chores!


1. Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda Movie Poster

We think this is the best of the lot, because it is a brilliant animated tale that is genuinely fun for all ages. Po is a clumsy panda that works in his father’s teashop and dreams about being a Kung Fu legend, despite the fact that he is the least athletic, least coordinated panda in the world! However, a quirk of fate gives him the chance to fight by the side of great warriors under the tutelage of Master Shifu. The team must join together to defeat the evil Tai Lung, a snow leopard intent on taking over the world. Ultimately, Po learns that his supposed ‘weak’ traits are actually his biggest weapons.


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