Why Children Who Learn Karate Aren’t Bullied

Kid That is Being Bullied at School

Child psychologists will tell you that child bullies perpetrate their mean acts because they are the product of a home where love and attention is in short supply. Perhaps it is a cry for help or else they wish to feel good about themselves by making a smaller, weaker victim feel inferior. This is all fine and well but a young child can’t stand face to face with his tormentor and explain that the bully’s actions are a representation of self-loathing! Instead, bullying victims need to stand on their own two feet or risk being the target for years to come and perhaps even in adulthood.

Karate & Kids

Learning Karate Helps You Child From Not Being Bullied
Karate training not only keeps your child free from the wrath of bullies, it also teaches valuable life lessons.

How often does a bully pick on someone his own size and how often does he seek a fair fight? The answer to both questions is ‘NEVER’! If you want your child to be safe from bullies, it is necessary to even the playing field and karate helps him do just that. The most basic and obvious benefit of karate training is the ability to defend yourself from attacks. It is not a form of training that will make you super tough overnight but gradually, the foundation will be laid. One fateful day, your child’s bully will be in for a serious shock as his ‘victim’ turns out to be less than helpless.

Other Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

In most cases, a bully will not pick on someone that successfully fought back. Occasionally, pride will cause them to attempt retaliation but when your child, filled with confidence, once again rebuffs the bully’s assault, he will no longer be a victim. If you’re worried about your child becoming a bully because of his new found karate skills, don’t be. What happens is that your child simply gains confidence and is more likely to help bullying victims than becoming a little tyrant himself.

Karate Stops the Intimidation

Even if your child is not currently being bullied, learning karate could ensure he never becomes a victim. The simple act of learning a martial art enhances a child’s confidence to the degree where he carries himself in a manner that suggests he is not to be messed with. Individuals with martial arts training are less likely to be intimidated by acts of aggression which means a physical altercation is unlikely. Remember, bullies are not interested in fighting anyone that looks a threat and doesn’t appear to be frightened.

Additional Benefits

As well as keeping your child free from the whims of bullies, karate and other martial arts teach valuable lessons in courtesy, respect, self-control and perseverance that will be crucial in his development.

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