The Best Martial Arts School in Arizona

Are you or your child getting bored of lounging around the house? Would you benefit from physical activity that also helps teach self-defense, self-confidence, and social skills? If so, martial arts classes from Sandoval Freestyle Karate are a great option! With multiple karate classes in Tempe and Gilbert, AZ, our students can easily experience the lifelong benefits of martial arts programs while having fun!

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Founded by an Experienced Martial Artist

Sandoval Freestyle Karate was founded by Allen Sandoval, a renowned martial artist whose experience permeates everything we do and teach. Allen holds advanced-degree black belts in Taekwondo, American Kenpo, and Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and also possesses a NASKA World Title (1997). As an expert martial artist and father of two children, Allen ensures that Sandoval Freestyle Quality provides top-notch training to our students.


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Classes Taught by Black Belt-Level Instructors

If you’ve taken a class of any kind in the past, you know the importance of having a qualified and supportive instructor. Our karate classes in Tempe and Gilbert, AZ all feature instruction by certified black belts. As a result, our students learn self-defense techniques, exercise, self-awareness, and more, in a positive and safe environment.


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Open To Martial Artists of All Ages

We offer a variety of martial arts classes that cater to all ages and skill levels:

Each class is designed to maintain a competitive and supportive environment for students in its age range. The course instruction varies between karate classes, but all students will develop crucial life skills while making friends and having fun!


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Join a Sandoval Freestyle Karate Program

Martial arts classes are a great opportunity for any child or adult wanting to cultivate themselves. Get started on the right path by enrolling in one of our classes now! Plus, you can try your first class for free!

Martial arts have long been respected as an exciting sport and method of self-improvement worldwide. Sandoval Freestyle Karate makes this tradition more accessible than ever before. Try one of our karate classes in Tempe or Gilbert, AZ today, and discover your new passion!

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Experience the Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

Ready to experience the benefits of mixed martial arts for yourself? Enroll in Sandoval Freestyle Karate today and get 1 month of free martial arts classes! With classes for all ages, there's something for everyone.

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**The free month promotion is good for 2 family members. Any additional family members will receive a free class