The Benefits of Taking Martial Arts Classes

Whether you are an experienced martial artist, or you are looking to begin learning, Sandoval Freestyle Karate offers classes for all! The benefits of taking martial art classes are a great workout, improved self-defense skills, providing stress relief, and an increase in flexibility and strength. 


Great Workout

The martial arts are a great full-body workout! The training requires you to build your strength, which can improve muscle mass with time. It will also help you strengthen your focus and endurance, benefiting your other forms of exercise as well. Martial arts can improve cardiovascular health since it is a physically demanding activity.





Improved Self-Defense Skills

The various techniques that you will hone during your training can also apply to self-defense. The origins of martial arts began with the idea of the art being used as a form of self-defense! Various moves learned in classes will give you the capability to take control over a situation. Beyond the physical capabilities that martial arts will give you, it can also give you confidence in your abilities to defend yourself.





Provides Stress Relief

Martial arts encourage mindfulness to help you with your practice, which is a great strategy for stress relief in everyday life as well. Regular classes and training will help you relieve stress while also teaching you to regulate your emotions to engage fully in learning. The activity provides a combination of physical and mental training, both of which help reduce stress levels.





Increase Flexibility and Strength

Due to the moves that you will learn while doing martial arts, such as high kicks, your flexibility and strength will increase. The techniques will also work a lot of your muscles, improving strength in your arms, legs, and core muscles with time.

If the benefits of martial arts interest you, sign up for one of our classes today!



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