The Art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Gi Chokes

Gracie BJJ Gi Choke

Gi chokes are effective on even the best martial artists, but newcomers to the world of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu often perform their chokes using the wrong technique.

Two Gi Choke Tips

1. Avoid a Shallow Grip

If you have a shallow grip on your opponent’s gi lapels, you should not try to pull on his lapels as this will not work and it will use up your grip strength – leaving you vulnerable to a counterattack. A better method is to get just one hand deep into your opponent’s collar; look to grab the gi material on the back of his neck. If you do this, the sharp part of your forearm and wrist will be on the neck of your opponent and you’ll be in a great position to cut off his circulation. Check out more advantages and disadvantages of a gi choke by clicking here.

2. Get Deep Hands

If you get both hands deep into your opponent’s collar, he is in a world of trouble. If you pull his head down to your chest, a submission opening is likely. When it comes to using a gi choke, the tighter your hands are and the deeper the grip, the better. If both of your grips are shallow, you will be unable to do much to your opponent; however, if both grips are deep, you have a great chance of finishing the choke and the match.

Video: Gi Choke Setup & Execution

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