Black Belt Students Practicing Taekwondo

Taekwondo, the traditional martial art and sport of Korea which has over 60 million practitioners worldwide, has captured the hearts and minds of many athletes today.

The sport contains over 3,000 techniques proven to be a real means of self-defense and a good workout program as well.

It is important to note that taekwondo is not merely about kicking and punching, rather it is a concept that seeks to enrich the lives of those who diligently apply its principles to their daily routine.

Prepare Mentally for Taekwondo Lessons

For decades, it has been perfect for cultivating inner strength, endurance, and learning defensive skills. The belief of taekwondo is the unification of mind, body, and sprit. Learning taekwondo is not easy, and to succeed, a positive and determined attitude giving a full effort of your physical ability is needed.

If your mindset is full of pre-conceived notions of what taekwondo is or if you have definite ideas about how things should be done, then it will be harder to grasp what is being taught. When you start training in taekwondo you learn the basics first and these are the foundations on which you build the rest of your skills. If the basics are never properly acquired, then your kicks and strikes will not be as effective as they should be.

Building a Strong Foundation

It is similar to building a house, if you do not build a decent foundation, the house will not support its own weight and eventually collapse. This is the same principle as training in taekwondo, the basic foundation of learning blocks and kicks must be done right, or your technique will eventually fail.

As you go through the taekwondo movements, visualizing what you are doing, and what you are going to do, is very important. This can be done by closing the eyes and thinking about what you are opponent might do, how you will counter an attack, and paying constant attention to every detail.

Taekwondo Techniques & Execution

The taekwondo technique, or form, contains multiple aspects, including the hand and foot pattern, directions to turn, and the correct way to stand, which all need to be executed at the right time. All of these steps need to be studied and regularly practiced to maintain speed, accuracy, and muscle memory.

Don’t Forget to Properly Stretch

One of the most necessary, but often disliked, steps of martial arts is stretching. We all want to be naturally limber and our limbs flexible without having to stretch-out. However, this simply is not how our bodies work, especially the older we get. So be sure to properly stretch before any strenuous exercise. In taekwondo stretching will help you to kick higher, give you an increased range of motion, and improve accuracy with speed.

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