4 Qualities Your Pre-K Child Learns From Karate

Young Boy Taking Karate Lessons

People of all ages can benefit from karate training, even those as young as 3 years old. It helps develop social and physical skills, as well as life-long habits of physical fitness and discipline. Let’s take a look at how karate can be a highly beneficial aspect of early childhood development and education.

Four Valuable Attributes Young Children Take Away From Karate

1. Social Skills

Parents take their children to preschool for a number of reasons, one of them being social interaction. It is important for children in this stage of development to learn how to interact and behave around other children. Enrolling your child in a karate class for 3- to 5-year-olds will help him or her learn how to interact with others in a more formal setting. Children will learn when it is appropriate to talk, when they need to listen, and how to keep their hands to themselves — all critical skills for when they go to kindergarten.

2. Physical Skills

Our 3- to 5-year-olds are always on the move. They have a ton of energy, and sometimes that energy can be quite difficult for little ones to contain. Karate will give them an outlet for all this energy, as well as teach them life skills such as balance, coordination, and strength. Learning control over one’s own body is a valuable skill for all and should be developed early on.

3. Physical Fitness

In today’s world, most of us spend hours in front of a digital screen on a daily basis. This contributes to the nation’s obesity epidemic. One way we can prevent our kids from having to battle obesity is to teach them healthy fitness habits. Children today do not spend enough time playing outside, largely because there is so much access to digital media for children. Karate is a way to teach your kids to engage in physical fitness activities on a regular basis. If you can instill a habit of being active at an early age, they are much less likely to encounter inactivity-related health problems later on.

4. Discipline

In a world of instant gratification, children need to be taught patience and discipline. Even as young as 3 years old, kids can begin to grasp the concept of discipline. Much like teaching them appropriate social interaction, teaching children patience and self-control will help them be successful at school and eventually at life. Karate teaches children to be patient and to control their emotions, which are important real-life skills. Your child could be the student in kindergarten who always sits quietly, listens, and avoids being in trouble if they learn discipline and self-control early in life.

Keep in Mind

Overall, karate is a great class to enroll your three- to five-year-old in for a first extracurricular activity. It expends energy, teaches social skills and physical fitness, and instills discipline into their young mind. Even before school, martial arts will teach your child critical life skills that could potentially help him or her for years to come.

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