Father Bonding with Son

At Sandoval Freestyle Karate, we believe that karate beats just about every other form of exercise for your child, because you as a parent can join in! This makes a pleasant change from focusing solely on team sports, since you can’t get involved in most of those, unless you sign-up to coach.

Karate is unique, because it is an individual activity that can also be enjoyed as part of a group. A lot of parent wants to have as active of a role as possible in their child’s development, but can’t find a way to get involved in playtime without feeling out of place.

Karate classes remove that awkward feeling, because they are for people of all ages and family-friendly.

Make Safety Paramount

A major concern for parents that are unfamiliar with karate or other forms of martial arts is the fear of injury. The uninitiated erroneously believe that karate is dangerous, even though it is extremely safe when performed under controlled conditions with expert supervisors, like at Sandoval Freestyle Karate.

By becoming part of the karate class, you will see for yourself that it is actually very safe and fun! It offers great peace of mind to see firsthand the amount of safety measures the karate school has in place. If you are unhappy with the school in question for any reason, voice your concerns to an instructor. If you are still not satisfied, look for another martial arts school. You will find several in your area that meet even the most demanding parent’s safety requirements. Basic safety measures should include body pads, mouth guards, and headgear when sparring.

Involvement & Bonding

According to many athletics experts, a parent getting involved in their child’s sport of choice will actually increase their level of enjoyment and performance. Children crave the attention and approval of parents. So what better way to tick both boxes than by being directly involved?

It is a great way to bond with your kids because it shows that you are interested in their hobbies and your participation is a sign of support. Additionally, becoming part of the class allows you to take the skills you learn home with you and practice them away from the class. This will enhance your child’s level of ability and his self-esteem, as he sees that you are a major part of the learning experience.

Your Health Benefits

What parent doesn’t want to remain healthy long enough to play with their children for many years? By taking up martial arts, you are making a big stride towards better health, as your cardiovascular fitness will improve along with your flexibility and reflexes. This will reduce your chances of contracting certain illnesses and injury as you get older, while giving you more energy to ‘keep up’ with your children. Obviously, your child derives the same benefits and you are setting a great example.

What Other Benefits are There?

The short-term benefits of karate are obvious with improved strength, speed, and confidence. However, the long-term benefits are profound for parents and their children, especially the way in which family karate classes bring families closer together.

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