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If you are unfamiliar with taekwondo, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of aligning it with other martial arts forms when it comes to purchasing gifts for a taekwondo practitioner. However, you may end up offending the recipient of your gift if you make the mistake of buying them a karate present or books related to martial arts other than taekwondo.

While we’re sure all gifts will be gratefully received on the surface, it is worth going the extra mile to really show someone you care. Below, we look at a list of genuinely useful gifts you can purchase for a taekwondo student.

Four Gifts to Consider Giving to a Martial Artist

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1. Rebreakable Boards

Rebreakable Karate Boards

This is a gift that is useful for all martial artists. These boards are suitable for relative newcomers and are designed to be broken again and again because they are made from high-impact molded plastic. Rubber covers both sides and ensures the holder has a sure grip. Best of all, there are several different thickness levels distinguished by color. For example, the black board is 0.5 inches thick.


2. ‘Ultimate Flexibility’ Book

Ultimate Flexibility Book

This is a book that acts as a complete guide for martial arts stretching. In taekwondo, it is essential to possess excellent flexibility, and while you should learn all about stretching in class, many students simply have no idea how to stretch. As a result, they are unable to reach their potential in terms of speed and power, and actually end up getting injured. This fantastic guide, written by Sang H. Kim, provides detailed workout guidelines for every level and for each martial arts style. Find it on Amazon.


3. New Karate Uniform

Man with New Karate Uniform

Serious taekwondo practitioners will absolutely love to receive a brand new uniform, also known as a gi. The key is to find a uniform that is made from high-quality material but fits comfortably. Above all, make sure you do your research and purchase a taekwondo uniform and not one belonging to another martial art form! Finally, find out whether the school your loved one goes to wears a white or black uniform. Taekwondo schools are typically quite strict when it comes to wearing the correct attire.


4. Educational Seminar

Karate Student with Instructor

There are always martial arts seminars taking place across the country, so why not enroll in a sparring class that will teach you how to be a better point sparrer or a forms seminar to help in preparation for competition? A quick search ought to show a list of martial arts specialty classes in your area.


Always Seek Quality Instructors

If your loved one is intent on improving his skills as a taekwondo practitioner, you will struggle to find a better gift than classes taught by expert instructors. Regardless of how much dedication and potential someone has, if they have sub-standard instructors, they will always fall short of fulfilling their potential.

If in Phoenix’s East Valley, you should look to enroll your loved one in Sandoval Freestyle Karate’s martial arts classes, which are led by experienced instructors who happen to be black belts in this form of martial art. There are classes in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, so if your loved one lives in either of these areas, be sure to check out the Sandoval website for information on how to book a taekwondo class.

Think it Through

With a little bit of imagination, you can come up with the perfect gift for the taekwondo practitioner in your life. Choose wisely, and let them know you fully support their desire to improve their skills.

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