4 Reasons to Make Karate Your Family Activity

Family Practicing Karate Together

Not only is karate a useful self-defense tool, it is a fantastic way of keeping fit. It is also one of the few activities where the entire family unit can come together and enjoy doing something. The family-oriented classes at Sandoval Freestyle Karate’s centers in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, are proof of this. We have dozens of families who attend our classes, and they love the fact that they learn how to defend themselves while getting fit in the process. Below, we look at a few reasons why you should take your family to karate.

Four Benefits to Family Karate

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1. Exercise Efficiency

The enthusiasm of the kids at our classes is boundless, but it can be hard to get parents to tag along. Most adults have busy lives, and between working and taking care of the kids, they have little time for anything else. Since you take the time to bring your kids to karate class, why not go the extra mile and join in?

Instead of paying for a gym membership you don’t have time to use, go to a karate class with your kids and do something productive today! Not only do you learn some cool moves, but you also get far better cardiovascular benefits than you do from jogging on a treadmill. Ultimately, you save time and money, so you can’t lose.


2. Quality Family Time Together

Family nights are part of the fabric of this great nation, but most of the time it involves sitting down and eating excessive amounts of calories. While it is fun to play board games, watch movies, and eat hot dogs and popcorn, wouldn’t it be better for your kids to make fun of Mommy and Daddy as they try to keep up? During the family classes at Sandoval, we find that the kids and parents try that little bit harder to learn the moves in order to keep family pride intact.


3. Having Common Role Models, Even You!

If parents spend their free time sitting down and eating processed food, how can they expect their children to know any better? If you decide to go to a karate class instead, you are immediately leading by example. When your children see how dedicated you are to staying fit and eating healthily, they are far more likely to follow this positive example. It is essential that we teach our kids the importance of health and fitness from an early age to prevent them from developing bad habits.


4. Affordable Family Activity

With the rising cost of family entertainment, such as cinemas, restaurants, arcades, and theme parks, spending time with the kids can be expensive! Fortunately, Sandoval Freestyle Karate has you covered! As we are dedicated to building strong family units, we offer special discount rates for families. If one member of your family is a student of ours, we offer a 20 percent discount if a second member of the family joins and a 30 percent discount for a third member!


Sandoval Freestyle Karate

Our karate classes are fun and are guaranteed to help improve your fitness. Contact us today to learn more about our family classes, and discover how easy it is to join.

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