Three Weapons Often Used in Taekwondo Martial Arts Training

Man Practicing Bo Staff Weapon

Most martial arts practitioners will tell you they started because they wanted to learn self-defense and begin an exercise regimen. Few will tell you that they joined a martial arts school to learn martial arts with sticks and weapons; however, many taekwondo schools offer weapons instruction and will begin teaching these lessons to students at around the intermediate stage of their martial arts progression. The following information discusses three famous martial arts weapons and Karate sticks led today, including the bo-staff, nunchucks, and Eskrima sticks.

1. Bo-Staff

BoStaff Weapon Fighting

The bo-staff is typically made of tree wood or bamboo wood and was initially used in Okinawa, Japan, by karate fighters during feudal years dating back several centuries. It is a famous martial arts weapon. When holding the staff, it is gripped in thirds, and the movements are designed to resemble empty-hand fighting, giving way to the notion that a bo-staff fight is but an extension of one’s limbs.

When held out in front of the body horizontally, the right hand is placed on the staff facing away from the body, and the left hand is placed facing toward the body. This allows the bow to rotate and for strikes to be delivered with optimal power and accuracy.


2. Nunchucks

Nunchucks Fighting

As with the bo-staff, nunchucks (nunchaku) date back to the Japanese island of Okinawa. This weapon consists of two sticks joined together with a piece of rope or chain.

Nunchucks are typically wielded one set at a time, but some experts are able to use two simultaneously effectively. This weapon is also quite versatile, allowing the handles to be used for blunt force striking, and the chain can be used to disarm or immobilize an attacker’s weapon. Practicing with nunchucks gives one increased hand speed and strengthens the hands. It is a widely used Martial arts stick weapon.

3. Eskrima Sticks

Eskrima Sticks Fighting

This is a known Karate stick name. Similar to nunchucks, Eskrima sticks are two wooden sticks used to strike and defend against attacks. Still, unlike nunchucks, they are not attached. Eskrima is a Philippine martial art that uses bladed weapons, knives, and improvised weapons for fighting, in addition to sticks.

Eskrima stick fighting is taught in Karate, taekwondo, American Kenpo, and similar martial arts classes in the United States after learning bare empty-handed fighting and self-defense techniques. Traditional Eskrima instruction works the opposite, with empty-handed fighting skills taught after the student has mastered stick and knife fighting.

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